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Investment Management

Our investment management program ensures that your property is cash-flowing, well-maintained, provides an exceptional experience for boths guests and owners, and is populated by 5-star reviews.


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About Us

Based in the city of eternal spring, Medellin – Colombia, we are a Real Estate company born out of the need for a professional company with a sharp vision, strong execution and most importantly: a human touch. We focus on real estate development, sales, property management, legal and tax advice.

Don't wait to buy Real Estate. Buy Real Estate and wait.”

Will Rogers

Property Management Experts

With an experience managing over 80 properties in Medellin, we design our system so that it fits our client’s needs best. From monthly reporting, to constant news about your property, foreign payments 


We'll make sure your property is occupied as frequently as possible and at the highest possible rate. Airbnb, Booking, and Google are some of our allies in making that happen.

Reports & Accounting

You'll be 100% up-to-date on your property, 7-days a week, 24 hours a day. No secrets. 100% transparency with cost bills and income tracking. Access anytime online. You are in control.

Maintenance and Legality

Keeping your place clean, shiny and cozy takes work, because every detail matters. We're there with a magnifying glass to make sure everything works and is 100% compliant with local and national law.

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