Nakúa: Stay & Work

$ 132.000.000

Be an investor in one of the most Spectacular projects in PROVENZA Neighborhood…


This Iconic Project comes to add value to the most desirable Neighborhood of the city: Provenza.

With a small investment value  you will be ready to get your feet wet in the Medellin Real Estate market, while seeing the kind of financial rewards the short-term rental market can bring to investors in the short, medium and long-term.

Each 1% participation investment is worth approximately $33,000 USD ($132,000,000 fixed in Colombian Pesos) and gives you full access to the building as well as the income from the restaurant commercial space, the co-working floors and the apartment rents.

The construction process already starts, the Building will be opening its doors in April 2023 and there are few spots available for new investors.

 If you’d like to take on a bigger investment, you can apply to our volume discounts, allowing you to achieve better financial results thanks to a lower investment value. 

Ownership Perks:

  • Make 10-12% net ROI (cash-flow) a year, and increase your capital appreciation by 12-15% a year, on an investment that starts at $33,000 USD.  
  • Investors in the project have free stays year round, as well as membership discounts in the lobby restaurant and bar.

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