Unique Spacious Family House in Alto Las Palmas [Residential]

Quick Specs

Breathe in fresh, cool country air from this spectacular 5 bedroom, 6.5 bathroom mansion on top of Medellin’s beautiful green hills. Experience the luxury of being outside the city. Huge ceilings, tons of natural light, and an award-winning architectural design make this the perfect place to live in Medellin.

Get in touch with nature. Come back to your roots, and live in calm harmony with your surroundings with unbeatable vistas. Private decks in some individual rooms, wooden floors, a space under the pergola for a jacuzzi, two floors, furnished, and ready to be your new home. Each space was carefully custom designed to accommodate a tranquil and soul-filling living experience. 

For only $900,000 USD you can acquire a piece of Medellin’s captivating beauty and make it your new home base.

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