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  • Asking Price

    $600,000,000 COP
  • COVID Discounted Price

    $520,000,000 COP
  • Furnished Sale


Provenza Newly Renovated Apartment [Furnished]

100% Turn-Key & Ready for Use

Laid out over spacious 104 m2, two bedrooms – 2 full bathrooms with bath, vinyl floors, wooden accented kitchen, a large outside terrace, 1 parking spot in the most commercially desirable area in Medellin, one storage unit, and a interior design new look, this beautiful property is completely ready to be yours in less than three weeks. 


Paying HOA (Administración) of only $347,000 COP ($90 USD/month), taxes (Predial) of just $1,500,000 COP ($500 USD/year), and utilities of $250,000 COP ($80 USD/month), it can produce a gross rent of $5,000,000 – $7,000,000 COP per month.


Before COVID started, the asking price on the property furnished started at $600,000,000 COP. Nevertheless, the owner has a cash need and has agreed to give a cash buyer the NEW discounted price of $520,000,000 COP. That’s a $80,000,000 COP discount right off the bat. 


You receive furniture worth upwards of $75,000,000 COP, exclusive interior finishes, and all with a property located on the most coveted sector in Medellin: Provenza


Restaurant galore, international attraction, cafés, bars and the most exclusive clubs in Medellin. All in a single place, just steps from the front door.


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