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Acquire Ownership in Nakúa Origin Daily Rental Building For Only $34,000 USD

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    An exclusive, high-yielding and extremely well-located new boutique daily rental building, located deep in the heart of Medellin’s Zona Rosa


    Jacuzzi Rooms – Nakúa: Stay & Work 


    Provenza is the epitome of the best that Medellin has to offer, placed in an exquisite location surrounded by world-class restaurants, inviting cafés, classy bars, beautiful Colombian men and women, and of course, the best accommodations in town.



    This rapidly-evolving neighborhood is preferred by locals and foreigners alike, catering to the most sophisticated visitors looking to have memorable gastronomic & entertainment experiences alike, and paying top dollar for them. Nightly rates can vary anywhere from $80 – $3,000 USD/night in the Provenza district.



    This neighborhood sets the standards for the rest of the city and takes the lead in terms of occupancy, nightly rates and financial performance.


    Nakúa Origin – High Return on Investment [ROI] – 3 Sources of Revenue

    Jacuzzi Rooms – Nakúa: Stay & Work


    When you invest in the project of Nakúa Origin: Stay & Work, which will be located on “Cra. 34 #8a -29, El Poblado” in Medellin, you get a fully-furnished and operationally-ready building. Nakúa Origin Building comes diversified with 3 sources of revenue for investors, as well as ownership benefits and stays.


    1. First Source of Income (1): Lobby Commercial Space

    200 m2 of highly profitable commercial space for the restaurant on the 1st floor will produce a fixed and predictable income to the project every month, adding financial stability to the Nakúa Investor Bottom Line. The space will be rented to a third party, which investors will vote on from a list of cherry-picked of recognized restaurant partners.



    2. Second Source of Income (2): Apartments

    25 luxury, top-of-the-line suites, with private jacuzzis, room automation, connecting apartments, Tulum-Style interior design, and 5-Star Amenities. Included in those apartments is a 2-level penthouse with it’s private pool and bar. The common areas include an infinity rooftop pool with chill-out lounges and a rooftop bar, which you can use anytime you’re in Medellin.



    3. Third Source of Income (3): Co-Working 

    2 floors of high-tech co-working space, with sound proof cabins, individual booths, and google-like amenities, like free snacks/coffee, puffs, hammocks, chill-out lounges & game rooms, totaling 75 spots which will be managed by the staff of the building.



    By acquiring an investment of $34,000 USD (1%) in Nakúa Origin Building, you are entitled to receive income from those three sources of revenue, generating a return of 10-12% ROI per year, not to mention the yearly appreciation of the investment.


    Accessible Investment Size – Only $30,000 USD


    With as little as 20% down-payment (roughly $7,000 USD) and 30% once construction begins, you can effectively manage risk and start to get your feet wet in the Medellin Real Estate market, while seeing the kind of financial rewards the short-term rental market can bring to investors in the short, medium and long-term.



    Each 1% participation investment is worth approximately $34,000 USD ($122,000,000 fixed in Colombian Pesos) and gives you full access to the building as well as the income from the restaurant commercial space, the co-working floors and the apartment rents.


    If you’d like to take on a bigger investment, you can apply to our volume discounts, allowing you to achieve better financial results thanks to a lower investment value. Ask our staff about our discounts.


    Ownership Perks


    Make 10-12% net ROI (cash-flow) a year, and increase your capital appreciation by 12-15% a year, on an investment that starts at $34,000 USD.  

    Investors in the project have free stays year round, as well as membership discounts in the lobby restaurant and bar.



    Award-Winning Facade: Organic, Natural & Green Double-Height Lobby, 2 Levels of Co-Working, Restaurants Space & Spectacular 25 RoomsDesign & Brand ConceptCheck-In & Brand Concept Restaurant & Common Areas Branding Logo in Mirrors

    Penthouse Floor 1

    Luxury Jacuzzi Rooms in Provenza Neighborhood

    Impeccable Interior Design by Had Studio Medellin

    Private Penthouse Rooftop

    Common Areas: Infinity Pool & Bar

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