• Project Name

    Heiss Medellin
  • Construction Period

    2021 - 2022
  • Type

    Short-Term Rental / Deeded Property
  • Availability

    Units - Co-working - Commercial Space
  • Entry Level Price

    $250,000,000 COP
  • Net ROI & Appreciation Per Year

    12% ROI & 10% Appreciation

Heiss Medellin: Invest with Class.


Lobby View


Who likes blocky, crammed and ugly cookie-cutter buildings? We certainly don’t.


That’s why we only get involved in the most impactful, trendy, innovative and compelling projects in the city. We know when to say no, and when to go forward with a project.


In this case, when Heiss Medellin was presented to us by the well-known developer Trazos Urbanos, with a spectacular track record in the city, we were immediately interested and were eager to chime in on some aspects to make the revolutionary building even more compelling for investors, renters and the hotel’s interest groups.


This imposing 190-Room Hotel will be one of the next occupancy, income, experience & revPAR stars in the zone. Located in the artsy and sophisticated yet tranquil district of Manila (one of the 4 very important quadrants of the El Poblado, the most affluential area of the city), once built, will generate a seismic movement across the sector, creating an immensely positive impact on the neighborhood’s infrastructure, gastronomic market, accommodation, standard of quality, and will re-define the meaning of “entertainment”.


Lateral Façade + Park


The façade has been masterfully hand-crafted, inspired by the surrounding nature, including contrasting pitch black brick, distinctive balconies with beautiful rustic metal sheets, lush living walls, and the zone’s most important linear park, one of the biggest and most complete in El Poblado, creating over 1,000 m2 of green space in front of the building, as part of the town planning obligations, for pets, picnics and an integration with the classy restaurants contained within Heiss.


The Rooms


The project is composed of three types of rooms:


S & M Rooms

L Room




Coefficient: 0,38%

Price: $249,000,000 COP

Income/month: $2,404,936 COP

ROI: 12,23% Net/year

ROI + Appreciation: 18,96% Net


Floor Plan


Small and M Rooms



Coefficient: 0,48%

Price: $303,000,000 COP

Income/month: $3,080,609

ROI: 12,91% Net/year

ROI + Appreciation: 19,68% Net


Floor Plan


Small and M Rooms


L Room

Coefficient: 0,81%

Price: $494,000,000 COP

Income/month: $5,186,646

ROI: 13,35% Net/year

ROI + Appreciation: 20,15% Net

Floor Plan






Composed of a total of 470,5 m2 of commercial space, the project will have a spectacular co-working space for owners, renters and external clients. The sellable assets in this category are the following:


Co-Working S

Coefficient: 0,36%

Price: $229,140,000 COP

Income/month: $2,307,308 COP

ROI: 12,78% Net/year

ROI + Appreciation: 19,54% Net


Co-Working M

Coefficient: 0,46%

Price: $284,815,000 COP

Income/month: $2,945,600 COP

ROI: 13,14% Net/year

ROI + Appreciation: 19,93% Net


Co-Working L

Coefficient: 0,81%

Price: $529,810,000 COP

Income/month: $5,761,965 COP

ROI: 13,86% Net/year

ROI + Appreciation: 20,69% Net


Commercial Spaces


Rooftop Lounge Area + Commercial Space

Rockstar Rooftop Pool


A total of 400 m2 in the lobby and 121 m2 in rooftop, these commercial spaces will provide fixed income to the project on a monthly basis. They are distributed between the restaurant sector in the lobby and the rooftop floor.


Alongside these spaces, the hotel will have a gym, a lounge area, a coffee sector, and a rooftop pool with 360º views of the whole city of Medellin, located deep in the heart of Manila.


If you’re interested in seeing financial models, availability, operations and the project presentation, please send us a text/call at +573116711475 or at tomas@springlivingmedellin.com.