• Building / Type

    Energy Living / Short-Term Rental
  • Area

    120 m2
  • Bedrooms/Bathrooms

  • ROI Net

  • Sales Price (Furnished)

    $1,000,000,000 COP

Welcome to one of our favorite buildings in the whole city!


If you ever get the unique opportunity of staying or living in the building, you’ll see the whole experience, from back to front, of what it feels to be in one of Medellin’s coolest skyscrapers.


You will wake up excited to the unobstructed view of all sorts of fascinating trees; fluffy yellows, bright reds, and never-ending greens. In the afternoon, numerous types of birds, from macaws to amazonian motmots, soar proudly next to the highest cubes, close to the 22nd floor of the edifice, where the infinity pool is located. It is absolute paradise.


Not only is it one of the most attractive construction in town, but the apartments on the inside are quite unique themselves. Quirky, modern, eccentric, contemporary, and beautiful, are the words that always come to mind, to say the least. Their style resonates 100% with our philosophy and airbnb’s three musketeer original co-founders: it’s not just about the apartment; it’s about the EXPERIENCE.


That “experience”, we commonly find, tends to be heightened by having a place with a balcony, which allows the feeling of “the outside coming in”. In the case of this apartment, located on the 3rd floor, you can find yourself sitting in the large balcony for prolonged periods of time, just admiring the setting and the sounds around you.


A lot will find this apartment very appealing, especially those interested in having a second home in Medellin, and renting it out as they enjoy their time elsewhere. The airbnb model works seamlessly in this unit, which has been in operation for more than 2 years.


Here’s what makes this unit different and rare from the rest in Energy Living:


  • 83.62 sqm.
  • 1 FULL bedroom with 1.5 on-suite bathrooms
  • 1 parking spaces
  • Unique and high-end furniture package including a SERTA queen size bed and a large LG 4K
  • Has one of the largest terraces in the building
  • Incredible Rental Cash-Flow
  • 85% Occupancy


If you’re interested in knowing more about this apartment and our operations in the building, feel free to contact me here: