Modern Two-Level Penthouse in La Tomatera [El Poblado]

Quick Specs

Breathe in cool Medellin vibes on top of this dreamy Penthouse apartment, located on La Tomatera, two blocks away from internationally re-known Parque Lleras and Provenza neighborhoods. This stylish two-level apartment offers a unique and extremely well-located perspective of the valley of Medellin. 


2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, ambient lights, rooftop lounges, home automation, gastronomically-integrated living room set up, BBQ Grill on top floor, 2 large balconies, open-concept kitchen and a good ol’ hot-tub, this place is has been carefully designed to be the perfect place to enjoy your days in Latin America’s New Silicon Valley. 


Built originally for the owner for personal enjoyment, he passionately put in tons of love and comfort into the space. 


Turn on your JAMO built-in surround sound system, dim the lights at the perfect luminosity level, turn up the bubbles in the hut tub, and pop a bottle of champagne to toast to the good life.


Connect deeply to the city of Medellin. Aspire to fulfill the life you want to live in the capital of Antioquia. Culture, climate, warm people, low cost of living and unforgettable times await you in the city of the never-ending spring. 


God, we love this city. 

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