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Blux is one of Medellin’s first airbnb buildings, with a 9-year track record, and an international recognition for tranquil experiences, green views and a very comfortable location, close to everything, yet far away enough from traffic or Parque Lleras noise that the only thing that will wake you up in the morning will be birds chirping in the morning. 

Daily Short-Term Rentals are allowed by bylaws and commercial zoning in this building.

Blux is ideal as a second home and investment property, taking advantage of the license the building has, and the flexibility and profitability airbnb rentals provide.

Area: 50 m2
# Bedrooms: 1
# Bathrooms: 1.5 on-suite bathrooms
Furnished: Yes
Deeded Property: Yes
Turn-Key: Yes
Projected ROI: 9-10% Net
Available Historic Rental Reports: Yes
Expected Yearly Appreciation: 10%
Price: $490.000.000 COP (Aprox $143,000 USD)



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