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Fractional investments

You don't need to invest huge amounts. Use your capital smartly to make your money generate est. 24% yield per year. Start at $33,000 USD


Investors become members of the Spring Living Medellin VIP Member Club, with exclusive access to invite-only events

Under construction

Invest in a building that is already under construction. Project delivery: April 2023.

Generate cash-flow from airbnb & daily rentals

Generate income from 4 different sources, generate double digit appreciation and return on your money.

Nakúa Provenza

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Nakúa Investment: FAQs

Each 0,55% participation is worth approximately $33,000 USD, and returns $3,300 – $3,960 in a year, for a 10-12% net ROI.  

Make 10-12% net ROI (cash-flow) a year, and increase your capital appreciation by 15-20% a year, on an investment that starts at $33,000 USD. 

Investors in the hotel have free/discounted stays for friends & family! 

Provenza is Medellin’s most exclusive, luxurious, affluent, and desirable location, for restaurants, cafés, bars, nightlife, and of course, hotels, airbnbs and accommodations.

This fastly-appreciating neighborhood is the definition of “perfect location” for an investment, as prices are on the rise, and appreciation can be as high as 15-20% in a year.

Not to mention the neighborhood sets the standard and takes the lead in Medellin in terms of design, occupancy, nightly rates and overall score.

Fully diversified – 4 Sources of Revenue

First source of income (1) Restaurant Lobby Floor

Second source of income (2): 25 luxury, top-of-the-line suites, with internal jacuzzis, open kitchens, 5-star interior design, a duplex penthouse suite with private pool, and an infinity rooftop pool with chill-out lounge for all guests/owners. 

Third source of income (3) 2 levels of ultra high-speed internet co-working space, with sound proof cabins, skype booths, and google-like amenities, like coffee, snacks, puffs, lounges and game rooms, totaling a co-working space with 75 seats

Fourth source of income (4) Events

Trazos Urbanos SAS

Construction & development


Spring Living Medellin SAS

Estructuración & comercialización


MAP & Partners

Arquitectura & diseño de interiores

Invest in the Future of Medellin

We partner in the creation of short & long-term rental investment and residential projects in Medellin, Colombia and help investors successfully achieve their financial and Real Estate goals.