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Legal & accounting

Real Estate Closings

Close on your properties seamlessly, professionally and stay protected at all times.

Due Diligence

It's imperative to perform correct studies on properties before buying them. We have the counsel you need in order to stay safe.

General Counsel

You need to be protected at all times, especially in a country where laws, customs and banking works very differently.


Perhaps the best way for you to invest is via a SAS (LLC). We'll help you analyze and execute.

Monetizations & Banking

There are specific ways to bring money into the country. We'll make sure you can repatriate it safely when the time comes, as well as report & pay taxes

Taxes & Accounting

Pay taxes, remain legally inside the country, and pay your dues so you have no issues.

Airbnb Law in Colombia

Short-term rental platforms are governed by a national law that covers the entirety of the territory of Colombia. This is important to understand, as cities internally have begun to impose their own regulations and actions towards illegal airbnb rental units. 

As certified hotel operators, Spring Living Medellin is fully compliant under Colombian law and obliges by company policies that all properties under management perform standardized protocols for COVID-19, short-term rental law, and Registro Nacional de Turismo, filing under strict conditions the correct documentation and compliance demanded by the government of Colombia.

If your intention is to purchase a short-term rental property and place it under the system of investment management under the umbrella of Spring Living Medellin, by company policy will be 100% certified and compliant, as to not compromise owners of the company itself in case of an inspection from the local entities, such as police, police department and local establishment enforcement.

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