Casa Residencial en Pre-Construcción en Campo de Golf – Punta Cana RS01

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Welcome to Zibá, the investment project that offers you a unique opportunity to invest in the Caribbean paradise of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

Zibá is more than a project; it’s an exceptional life experience located in the heart of an exquisite golf course. This privileged location provides a range of benefits, from breathtaking views to a serene and relaxing environment. Golf enthusiasts will find Zibá to be the perfect place to indulge in their passion surrounded by natural beauty and exclusivity.

Located in the stunning Punta Cana, famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, this renowned tourist destination attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. As an investor in Zibá, you have the opportunity to be part of this attractive tourist hotspot and benefit from the continuous demand from travelers seeking unforgettable experiences in this tropical paradise.

The golf course where Zibá is situated provides a sense of serenity and privacy, creating an ideal setting for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

In addition to the proximity to the beautiful Caribbean beaches, Zibá offers a range of amenities and services for its residents and guests. From relaxing pools to recreational areas and first-class restaurants, this project ensures a luxurious experience that will appeal to tourists and buyers alike.

As an investor in Zibá, you can also take advantage of the tax benefits offered by the Dominican Republic to attract foreign investments, further enhancing the appeal of this project as a profitable and secure investment opportunity.

In summary, Zibá is a unique opportunity to invest in an exclusive project located in the attractive tourist destination of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. With its location on a golf course, the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, and all the attractions that Punta Cana offers, this investment invites you to be part of the Caribbean paradise and experience an unparalleled way of life. Join us and be part of the success of Zibá in this heavenly corner of the world!

Desde 124,000 USD Desde 74 m2

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